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You say that you need to know the onion link of the thing you are looking for in the Tor browser, but can you please tell me where I can find the onion link of the thing I am looking for?

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Hi @Pablo :slight_smile:
Thanks for reaching out to the Tor Forum.
There’s no definitive or “official” list of Onion Services. However this list could provide you with a starting point for further exploration.
Some folks on GitHub provide lists of Onion Services, the current name for what was once referred to as Tor Hidden Services, whilst other GitHub users provide so-called Hidden Wiki URLs &, of course, further web searches will provide yet additional lists.
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Thank you very much. I’m currently trying to find a book I’m looking for by exploring the library links with extensive archives. I’m thinking of downloading it after I find it. I’m wondering if there will be a security risk if I download it. If so, I’m wondering how I can download a PDF safely by preventing this risk. Also, if I cannot find the book I am looking for, can you help me by giving me links to libraries with extensive archives or by finding the book I am looking for? Apart from that, when using Toru, I do not fully understand what the sites say because my English is weak. Is there a solution for this? For example, I am thinking of translating by taking a screenshot, but I wonder if taking a screenshot of every page I enter will risk my security. I guess I asked a little too much.:grinning:

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You should be fine.

No, but I can provide you a link to the Internet Archive:

You can use SimplyTranslate: