Saved passwords gone after upgrade to Tor browser 13.0

I just updated to Tor browser 13.0 and all my saved logins are gone. I’m running on Fedora 38. What can I do to restore them?

Hi, I just upgraded from 12.6.x to 13.0 and am not seeing any change to my stored passwords. I did notice that the first few attempts to upgrade failed with the failback offer to download and install the latest version. I opted not to do that and eventually TB upgrade was successful. I’m wondering if perhaps you inadvertently installed the latest version (13.0) over your existing version (12.6.x) ? I’m not sure if that would result in a new profile being created or a complete overwrite of …/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/.mozilla/ ; maybe others could comment?

I still have the same bookmarks after the upgrade, so I don’t think a new profile was created.

Same thing happened to me, I also can’t save any new ones.

Hi, please follow the steps below

  1. Copy and paste: about:config into the URL bar, click “Accept the risk and continue”.
  2. Set security.nocertdb to false
  3. Restart Tor Browser
  4. Your passwords will be available again

Thanks, worked for me. I had to restart Tor Browser after setting it to false for it to take effect.

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