Running Tor as a proxy for other services

Hello somehow my tor-proxy stopped working and all my services using it did stop working. The general problem seems that Tor is not able to bootstrap throwing the error ((“general SOCKS server failure”). I restarted TOR and also Installed a bridge to connect to but it is not able to start up again and connect to the services. The log is full of:

Tried for 120 seconds to get a connection …

and the connection to my bridge does also not work (it works with the general Tor-Browser so the bridge works)

Proxy Client: unable to connect OR connection …(“general SOCKS server failure”)

I have no idea how to fix it. It seems that a reboot always fixes it but I cannot reboot my system every now and then so I am interested in the problem which causes this behaviour.

Considering the following setting in the torrc file

UseEntryGuards 1

NumEntryGuards 21

UseBridges 1
ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy managed
Bridge obfs4 …

Thanks for Helping out.

Hello @ziggie1984, are you connecting from a Country or ISP that blocks Tor (Russia, China)? If so, your bridge is probably blocked. Please get a new bridge from our Telegram Bot (@GetBridgesBot) and try again.