Running relay on a limited connection from ISP

Hi. I was trying to contribute to community and run non-exit relay on my home connection. The problem is that my ISP is limiting in/out connections from my router to the internet to 1k connections at a time. Even if I set relay speed to 500Kb/s (which is very low - i have 400Mbit connection available) it opens up to 1k connections in minutes and ISPs firewall starts to cutting new connections, which cause problems to all my devices at my home. Is there any solution how to contribute to tor network with such a shitty ISP like I have?

Relays quickly connects to almost all other relays and thousands of connections is normal.

Contribute a bridge instead?


I would recommend running a Snowflake standalone proxy. It will be very helpful!


Thank you guys, i will pick bridge or snowflake.

PS: To make some advertisement to my “great” ISP - Its Slovanet (Slovakia). So think twice with this choice on SVK :unamused: