Running relay in the background

Hello,I just finished setting up everything with my relay,I thought it wasn’t working but I realized I had to wait three hours for it to show up,I just wanted to know,will the runasdaemon in the config file run the relay while the pc is shut off or I’m not sshed into my vps,putting my pc on sleep has this really annoying light on it

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Hello @Thunder,

The “run as deamon” setting will run tor in the background of your OS. After you did that, you can exit your SSH session and it will still runs on your PC/VPS.

The PC/VPS where you are running tor must be online 24/7. Any process on your PC/VPS including tor will be stopped if you put it to sleep, hibernate or turn it off.

I hope this answered your question. Thanks for running a relay :100:

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Thank you,sense I’m running on a vps that means I can just ssh out and not worry about it