Running OnionShare from CLI on Windows and iOS Alternatives for Obot

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I’ve recently installed OnionShare on one of my Windows machine and I’m interested in running it from the command-line interface (CLI). Could someone guide me on how to do this effectively? I’m particularly looking for instructions on starting, configuring, and using OnionShare via the CLI on Windows.

Additionally, I’ve been using ORbot on my iOS device, but unfortunately, it’s not working as expected. Are there any reliable alternatives or options that I can use for Tor on iOS?

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Just to make sure… Did you download the official app? Unfortunately, an ORBot search shows two main options for me in the App Store, the first and most appealing is developed by Stellar Apps Limited (which I’m not sure it is related to TPO, at all). The second (and not so appealing) is the official one, the same linked on the official ORBot website.

You have instructions on their docs, they mention you can install the CLI tool on any OS.

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Yes thanks

It says Tor Foundation

But unfortunately it does not stay connected it connects shortly and disconnects

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