Running Bridges on Old Phones

Hello guys. I was wondering about using my old phones to run bridges related to the event run a tor bridge, but didn’t find important information about how to.
I used all of them for university projects and they worked well, including rooted. So this time I want your help to know if it’s posible to run bridges on old phones.

If you manage to run Tor properly on those phones and are able to find a obfs4 binary or you can compile it from source, you might give it a try.
When you are new to the subject, maybe try to ramp up a setup on a more documented system and adapt your lessons learned…

And on old phones especially important:

Make sure to keep the rest of your system software up to date too


Hello, for this bridge campaign, static IPv4 address is a requirement:

  • Static IPv4 address. Although Tor bridges can operate behind dynamic IP addresses, this scenario is not that optimal while thinking about others who need to regularly configure the new IP addresses manually. IPv6 is definitely a plus, but it’s not required.

Regarding your old Android phones, I believe you can run a Snowflake proxy using Orbot beta.