Restore Tor Browser settings

Because the browser was so slow in the last days, I first tried to solve the problem via downgrade. Since I had done this in the past, I also had the command for it (sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/tor- But it didn’t work, on the one hand the version after the downgrade was the same (11.0.14), on the other hand the browser was still slow.
After that I reinstalled Tor via the Tor Browser Launcher without thinking much and now I lost all data (settings, bookmarks) besides a slow browser. Is it possible to get the data back and tor fast again?
The information given is the current state:

Operating System: Manjaro 21.3.1 Ruah
Tor Browser version: 11.0.14
Tor Browser Security Level: Standard

The fastest and most reliable way is to restore from a backup. Otherwise you can try your luck with TestDisk and PhotoRec.

Unfortunately I have not created a backup, but TestDisk seems to be a good help. With this instruction (TestDisk - Partition Scanner & Data Recovery Utility for Linux Mint (Ubuntu) - YouTube) I could already look into the download folder, but it was empty and I couldn’t recover anyting. Now I would like to look for the bookmarks, but I am not sure where to find them. Since various websites indicate that the bookmarks are stored in “place.sqlite”, I looked for them on my computer and found them at /proc/989/cwd/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default. With sqlitebrowser I could open the file and saw there was the current bookmarks. Now I want to go to /proc with TestDisk, but when I go to the folder, it shows empty. And pressing h to maybe show hidden files shows nothing hidden.