RESOLVED - Nyx showing no incoming connections - exit relay

Hi all

nyx shows outgoing connections but no incoming connections on an exit relay. The relay has been up for about 10 days.

The server has 2 IPv4 addresses. 1 is dedicated to tor traffic (and the other is used for management).

netstat shows connections to port 433 (ORPort) on the dedicated IP address

I have the following entries in my torrc


I did find an old post where someone had a similar issue - Nyx is not showing any inbound connections · Issue #34 · torproject/nyx · GitHub

Perhaps this has not yet been fixed in nyx?

Any input welcome

OpenBSD 7.5
nyx 2.1.0

Based on your information given, your relay seems to reside in Russia. My best guess is you ran inside Roskomnadzors filtering… As I see you changed your ORPort and your relay shows offline in Metrics atm.

Did you try using you relay as a vanilla bridge?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve resolved the issue by changing the ORPort entry in torrc as per the linked github nyx issue above (which I should have done before posting here).

TLDR: I changed the torrc ORPort entry from ORPort x.x.x.x:443 to ORPort 443 and this resolved the issue (incoming connections now showing in nyx).

After changing the ORPort to ORPort 443 TOR refused to start as it couldn’t bind to (nginx was listening on port 443 on the management IP). I changed nginx to listen on port 8443 on the management IP address afterwhich TOR started successfully. Incoming connections now show in nyx.

I originally specified an IP address on the ORPort entry as I wanted to ensure that tor used the specified IP address rather than the seperate management IP address. However even though tor opened a listener on

Opened OR listener connection (ready) on

it selected the desired IP address for the ORPort

Self-testing indicates your ORPort x.x.x.167:443 is reachable from the outside
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