Remote hostname resolution (Specification not up-to-date?)

Hi, is the specification not up-to-date in regards of hostname resolution?

6.4. Remote hostname lookup
 **For backward compatibility, if there are any IPv4 answers, one of those**
**    must be given as the first answer.**

However, if you connect to a dual stack web service via Tor Browser, the connection will be IPv6, if the exit node supports it. Have I missed something?

For streams the specification also states IPv4 as default:

6.2. Opening streams and transferring data
 bit   meaning
      1 -- IPv6 okay.  We support learning about IPv6 addresses and
           connecting to IPv6 addresses.
      2 -- IPv4 not okay.  We don't want to learn about IPv4 addresses
           or connect to them.
      3 -- IPv6 preferred.  If there are both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses,
           we want to connect to the IPv6 one.  (By default, we connect
           to the IPv4 address.)