Release notes link on about:home

In previous versions of Tor Browser, before the most recent update to about:home, there was a link to release notes in the upper-right corner of about:home. Now, the link to the current version’s release notes is only shown once after you update Tor Browser to a new version. If you refresh the page, the release notes link does not appear again.

I would like to suggest, maybe as an optional setting, that the release notes link be available there beyond just the first time about:home is loaded since I often want to read the release notes at a later time.

If there is a design-related reason not to keep them at about:home, please consider adding a link to the About Tor Browser page.


Thanks for the feedback @dolphin! I’ve opened a bug report about this issue on Gitlab, but tl;dr there should be a permanent link to our release notes in the “About Tor Browser” window instead.


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