Relays running an unsupported (EOL) Tor version

Relays running unsupported Tor versions is a problem we have never really dealt with in a systematic way in the way. Some of you might recall that we (with the help of volunteers) tried back in 2019/2020 to get operators, running an unsupported Tor version, to upgrade but then we dropped the ball. Alas.

We just started that process again by contacting every relay operator running an outdated Tor version (any version not 0.3.5.x or 0.4.5.x or 0.4.6.x or 0.4.7.x) by email where possible. Additionally, we created a wiki page outlining the current process and things we still need to figure out. On that page we plan to make statistics related to the EOL relay removal available as well, including the final list of relays we’ll reject. Thus, stay tuned. Feedback, as always, is very much welcome!

We plan to keep this topic on our radar this time while refining the process as we go. Meanwhile, if you are running a relay with an unsupported Tor version, please upgrade for the sake of our users’ safety.


Update: We plan to reject all relays which are still running unsupported versions by December 1 2021.
This gives more than another month to get relays upgraded.

Attention: EOL removal is happening next week!

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