Relays marked as rejected

I get the following message “Fingerprint and/or ** identity is marked rejected” on 6 relays that I setup recently. Is there a way to find the reason for them being marked as rejected?

I’ve emailed the bad-relays address, but wanna ask here if their’s a way to see why they were taken down in the first place.


Usually nobody tells you why they are rejected - you will be asked to set family correctly and contact - did you do that on all relays from the beginning or have they been running without family and contact for some time?

I had a contact set from the beginning, but they were not in a family until a couple of days ago.
So maybe thats the reason then?

guess so - when you fixed the mistake and write to bad-relays, that you did - it takes some time for someone to check and unblock them, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, only few trusted volunteers are working on this topic in their freetime i reckon

Alright. Thanks for the quick answer!

Loooo via Tor Project Forum:

Alright. Thanks for the quick answer!

Yes, the problem was indeed the missing family settings. Looks good now.
I just pushed a commit to get your relays unblocked. Once a majority of
directory authorities has picked it up (which can take a couple of
hours) they will be back in the network.

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Thanks a lot!

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