Relay speed torrc?

I run a middle relay on Raspberry Pi 4 ,4Gb. My ISP is unlimited 250/250Mbit/s.
I can give Tor around 100Mbit/s.

What speed should I set in Torrc?

RelayBandwidthRate ??? KBytes
RelayBandwidthBurst ???KBytes

Hello @Guybrush ,

If you want to set a bandwidth limit, you need to convert your limit Mibp/s into Bytes/s.

You will need to write this into your torrc file for 100 Mibp/s limit :

RelayBandwidthRate 13107200
RelayBandwidthBurst 13107200

For a middle relay on a Raspberry Pi, CPU performance is limited and could be overloaded if connections are too high.
I recommend that you monitor your logs (metrics page also) and CPU load to avoid such problems, if you see problems you can reduce the bandwidth limit. If you have any questions or need help do not hesitate to contact us on this forum.

Thanks for running a tor relay for the tor network :100: