Relay not being shown in relay search or Status link

It’s been about 18 hours since I started my bridge relay, I converted it from a normal mid node to a bridge relay 19 hours ago, and the status link provided when I do journalctl -e -u tor@default says “no resource for given id”, and when I try to search for the bridge with hashed fingerprint in TOR metrics, it is saying no results. Official Bridge page says it takes about 3 hours, and it has been 18 hours.

You are trying with this URL?

Yeah, that’s the URL that the logs gave. The URL works now suddenly, but it says obsf4 not tested yet. the Relay search says my bridge is offline, even tho my bridge is currently running. i tested my Relay normal fingerprint too, says downtime 4 hours, and ive been running it since then, only restarted now for updating torrc.