Relay Guard - Problem

I wanted to know if I can run Tor Relay Guard on my PC.

Primary machine: RegataOs (Opensuse).
Virtual machine: Kali.

I will be following this fundamental basic guideline to participate.

I think this page is enough to answer the question

The most important thing is probably gonna be whether you have a public IP or not.

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Yes. But. I’m having this kind of problem.

I added the Tor repositories but it’s not working.

Due to the problem… I am using Arch Linux. Hassle free.

Your server has not managed to confirm reachability for its ORPort(s)…

You need to open and redirect your port or your relay won’t work.

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Give me instruction. This is not clear for me to resolve manually. Please.

I can’t provide more instructions because this process depends on various factors, including your ISP, router setup, firewall settings, and operating system…

For setting up port forward, you can refer to this resource: How to Set Up Port Forwarding on a Router: Open Ports Easily.

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How will I know I’m really contributing then?

I simply released the port and IP for the firewall to allow access.

From the official Tor documentation: Tor Project | Relay Post-install and good practices

If your logfile (syslog) contains the following entry after starting your tor daemon your relay should be up and running as expected:

Self-testing indicates your ORPort is reachable from the outside. Excellent.
Publishing server descriptor.

About 3 hours after you start your relay, it should appear on Relay Search on the Metrics portal. You can search for your relay using your nickname or IP address.

You can test if your ORPort is reachable using:

$ telnet IP ORPort

Replace IP, with your public IP, and ORPort with the port that you added to your torrc.

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I’ll try it on my Opensuse machine, because the VM doesn’t save the settings.

By the way, is there support for opensuse for Middle/Guard Relay?

Hello Jet, there’s the same conf to all ie

ORPort        443          # You might use a different port, should you want to
ExitRelay     0
SocksPort     0

note: you can compile Tor from source as well

edit: you can use nmap to scan local, public machines/ports

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Please help me more with this. It seems to me that some documentation is out of date. Give me instructions on this information of yours. Also now I’m trying to find my public IP of obsf4 because I gave up on the previous one. If it is possible to run relay guard on Opensuse, give me instructions.

Please, please, please.

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obfs4 is a bridge ie not middle, there’s diff config
there’re 3 of types: middle/guard, exit and bridge
look at there:
Tor Project | Middle/Guard relay middle/guard
Tor Project | Bridge obfs4, snow, tunnel

ie 1 type per instance, you cant mix /4 per 1 public ip by the my last info

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Your public IP home? Switch off from TB, VPN etc, use clear browser with www for example whatismyipaddress dot com : )
or in terminal


Community docs are good, just nginx tunnel conf legacy.

Middle/guard the same to all copy paste and change if needed
note (ORPort): 443, 22, 465, 993 etc port is good middle if dont serve sites, mails
Conf middle/guard:

Nickname         myNiceRelay
ContactInfo      your@e-mail
ORPort           443  # You might use a different port, should you want to
ExitRelay        0
SocksPort        0

You want OpenSuse Tor?
So compile from source ^^

Open firewall ORPort tor machine and router/s /depends what type, model of your local network.
Check, verify with nmap local/public net ORPort.

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Very thanks. I will operate as a relay guard. Middle operator. It’s on my home network. :brazil: I’m checking my pc’s firewall. [Firewalld]. Our ISP in Brazil is not very linked to censorship and does not use aggressive firewalls. If everything goes well, I’ll put yours as “solution”. Because I’m checking the “ORPort” recognition problem.

I believe it is now working. Everything is happening in my house. Relay Guard. Please confirm for me if I am now able to contribute to processor?

Maybe also check if your provider deploys a CGNAT - afaik it is in place forwith some Cable/DSL providers in Brazil.

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# firewall-cmd --zone=*zone_name* --add-port *ORPort_port_num*/*protocol*

and check your home router if you have as well and add ip tor machine + ORPort_port_num

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Try search your relay:
what see there Relay Search ^^

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