Registration to Italian email provider blocked

Hello everyone, I started using tor browser by few months, I tried the registration to but ,only if I connect with tor, the page show a generic error.
Can anyone help me to understand what make the request blocking? The error appears in the same moment from I click on “Register” button

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This answer is simple. They check your IP. Tor exit nodes are public knowledge.
OR if they use an IP service, it will tell them you are on TOR and they block.
Some services show only proxy (includes Tor and/or VPN) some separate the two and more.
An abusive IP will also do it.

Like this one for an IP in Milan which I tried:


Do you know why they perform this check during email creation and not during email login?
I cannot create an email using tor but I can login to a prevously created email using tor.
I expect that, if email wants to avoid anonymous email they should perform the check also in email login.

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I haven’t got a real answer but suspect it is to avoid anonymous regegistrations. When you register with your IP, they have something on you. I don’t know what questions they ask. Do you need to be a Tiscali customer to register? They seem to be an ISP. Do they ask for a recovery email or do you need to confirm when you register? Do they block using a VPN.

I would do the same for registration. You could be in a hostile country [we will not name which one] and want to login to your account so you would use Tor. That is probably why you can login.


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