Registering to a forum when not allowed to visit community

I was absolutely unjust banned from a forum and since then unable to register for a user-account. I tried emptying browser cache/cookies. And then I tried using TOR, though get a message your ‘IP is listed as a known spammer’. I tried closing the TOR browser and obtained new identity, but still get the same message or sometimes ‘Sorry you don’t have permission. You are not allowed to visit this community’. Wonder what I am doing wrong, or can do different?

I do not think that you are doing anything wrong. The site you want to visit can detect that the request is coming from a Tor exit node used by others for activity considered unaccepable by the site operators. Tor can not help you here.

Thanks. I was able to register (get a userid/pwd) to the site with Bluestacks (an android emulator), though it is 100x slower than TOR (which I find only 2x slower than a regular browser, which is pretty good). So on bluestacks regular browsing becomes impossible plus it continually eats resources, brings my windows10 to a halt over a day. I am not savvy in technology, but I was thinking that the site probably blocked my IP address and maybe the solution is to use a VPN. By chance you know a good free product/solution?