Regards to installing Tails 5.8 O/S

I am trying to install Tails 5.8 o/s onto a flash-driver stick, however I do not understand what the difference is between a .img or .iso images. Every other Linux distribution I have installed uses a .iso image. Will a .img image work the same as a .iso image?

I also noticed that my Linux Mint’s Accessory, USB Image Writer will not work on the .img image, for checking integrity with a SHA256SUMS.

“I am trying to install Tails 5.8”

5.9 is out now, FWIW.


Here’s some info about .img & .iso file formats from Wikipedia:

.img is generally for USB installs[1], .iso is usually for CD/DVD burning (installs).

[1] As far as Tails is concerned