Reddit Onion Service Launch!

Reddit Onion Service Launch

by securimancer[A]

- Reddit Onion Service Launch : redditsecurity

Hi all,

We wanted to let you know that Reddit is now available as an “onion service” on Tor at the address:


As some of you likely know, an onion service enables users to browse the internet anonymously. Tor is a free and open-source software that enables this kind of anonymous communication and browsing. It’s an important tool frequently used by journalists, human rights activists, and others who face threats of surveillance or censorship. Reddit has always been accessible via Tor, but with the launch of our official onion service, we’re able to improve the user experience when browsing Reddit on Tor: quicker loading times for the site, shorter network hops through Tor network and eliminating opportunities for Reddit being blocked or someone maliciously monitoring your traffic, and a cryptographic assurance that your connection is direct to

The goal with our onion service is to provide access to most of the site’s functionality at minimum this will include our standard post/comment functionality. While some functionality won’t work with Javascript disabled, core browsing should work. If you happen to find something broken, feel free to report it over at r/bugs and we’ll look into it.

A huge thank you to the work of Alec Muffett (@AlecMuffett) and all the predecessors who helped build the Enterprise Onion Toolkit, which this launch is largely based on. We’ll be open sourcing our Kubernetes deployment pattern and helping modernize the existing codebase and sharing our signal enhancements to help spot and block abuse against our new onion service.

For more information about the Tor network please visit

Edit: There’s of course an old reddit flavor at https://old.reddittorjg6rue252oqsxryoxengawnmo46qy4kyii5wtqnwfj4ooad.onion.

  • Edit: corrected “old” link destination

Yay, great addition to the list of social media onions. Who should be next? :smiley:


twitter already too ?

Yep, Twitter has a onion service launched earlier this year! Mentioned in the list of featured onions on the community portal:

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pirateebay already have bih onion too.

Awesome, I’m also using Reddit. Reddit video downloader