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I’ve also noticed suddenly 3-5x more bridge users using the one I run with a concrete difference in Russian connections highly increased in number of unique users compared as the others countries which are looking stable.
(Sorry for my bad English, I hope it was comprehensible enough)
Have a nice week!



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Today’s Topics:

  1. Snowflake’s package for FreeBSD available (Vin?cius Zavam)
  2. Is Tor Actually “Blocked” In Russia, or Are Some Users
    Unblocked for now? (Neel Chauhan)

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Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2021 19:30:38 +0000
From: Vin?cius Zavam <>
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Subject: [tor-relays] Snowflake’s package for FreeBSD available
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ol?! :slight_smile:
agora temos um pacote para instalar Snowflake em FreeBSD. aproveitem!

tl;dr; we now have a package to install Snowflake on FreeBSD. enjoy!

since the 14th of Nov 2021 we have a port that builds a Snowflake package
that can be installed on FreeBSD. it gives us all 3 different
features/functions that we can use Snowflake for:

  • client
  • proxy
  • server

don’t know Snowflake yet?

if you are using the “latest” branch of pkg, try it out! the package is
called “snowflake-tor”

pkg update -f

pkg install -U snowflake-tor

wanna checkout the source of its port?

did you know about the “Run a Bridge” campaign?

that’s it! stay safe and have a great one
obrigado ]=)

Vin?cius Zavam
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Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2021 15:58:29 -0800
From: Neel Chauhan <>
Subject: [tor-relays] Is Tor Actually “Blocked” In Russia, or Are Some
Users Unblocked for now?
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Hi tor-relays@,

While I don’t live in Russia, nor are my parents from Russia (they’re
from India), today, I noticed these articles that some people noticed
Tor is blocked in Russia (sorry for being late):

Yet, when I look at Tor Relay Status, I noticed many relays hosted on
Russian residential ISPs are still online, and only a few aren’t:

Moscow City Telephone:




I didn’t notice a big reduction in “relay” users on Metrics:

But did see an increase in “bridge” users:

And most Ooni results still show Tor can connect fine:

I feel it could be possible it’s one of the two:

  • Most likely, the censorship rollout is in stages. Some users are
    blocked but other’s aren’t, where it wasn’t rolled out is still

  • Less likely, but Russia found people could use pluggable transports,
    like HTTPS obfs4 bridges and maybe they found blocking Tor itself is
    ineffective, or trying to block “meek” users ended up blocking Microsoft
    and ASP.NET/Azure-based webapps.

Disclaimer: I work at Microsoft, but not on Azure as of now. I did
however interview for a position in the Azure umbrella (not on the CDN

-Neel Chauhan

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