Re: [tor-relays] Tor Relay Automatic PMTU Testing

This is indeed very interesting. I never experienced this problem but now that you mention it I will setup a test environment with some non standard MTU values. I doubt the directory authorities test also the MTU, but it's an interesting question, let's hope someone hosting a bandwidth authority will reply to this.

Also, I'm not sure and I'm very curios what the bandwidth authorities should do about this? What if a relay has super good speed but very low MTU? Should it be excluded and marked as not running? Because it will be very hard for Tor to also include MTU in the router descriptors and be aware about it.


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I believe there is a larger sized guard relay that has been having MTU issues for about a week. All connections with packets above a certain size are dropped. This results in partially loaded or broken webpages, broken file downloads, etc. Do Tor directory authorities test MTU (implicitly by speed test?) when testing relays?

Wondering if anyone else noticed this or if it would be handled automatically by dir authorities.

Thanks all

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