Re: [tor-relays] Recent Tor versions not reloading config on / ignoring HUP kill signal

Copied from an email thread on tor-relays.

On Jan 16, 2024, at 2:45am, Toralf Förster via tor-relays wrote:

On 1/13/24 18:29, George Hartley via tor-relays wrote:

Is anyone else experiencing this?


After reading these emails and the filed issue, I will add a few data points. My problem wasn’t getting it to stop, but getting it to reload.

Shell history on OpenBSD shows multiple attempts to rcctl reload tor followed by rcctl stop tor then rcctl start tor. I was making changes and not seeing them take effect. So I resorted to stop and start.

On Darwin the tor binary is a custom build.

time ./configure \
--prefix="$InstallsTo" \
--enable-dependency-tracking \
--disable-system-torrc \
--enable-pic \
--enable-expensive-hardening \
--enable-fragile-hardening \
--disable-module-relay \
--disable-module-dirauth \
--enable-static-zlib \
--with-zlib-dir="$LibsPath" \
--with-openssl-dir="$LibsPath" \
--with-libevent-dir="$LibsPath" \
--docdir="$Documentation" \
--htmldir="$Documentation" \
--mandir="$Documentation" \

My script’s HUP wasn’t working so I had to QUIT and reopen tor.