Re: [tor-relays] Proposal: Restrict ContactInfo to Mandatory Email Address

- What do you have to say to a relay owner that cannot be said publicly?
- What do you have to say that needs a reply?

In the rare cases where you would have a valid answer for the above questions, the actual email address in the ContactInfo is good enough, and - assuming there are none - you could ask to include a temporary code in the ContactInfo for authentification when someone contacts you on your request.

The point is if you have to contact all relay operators, you don't need to look for their email addresses in ContactInfo. All you need is to post the message publicly, easily accessible by each relay owner (a personalized RSS feed comes to mind).


On 10/31/2023 03:09 PM wrote ..

My only concern with your solution is anyone can pretend to be the owner of a relay.