Re: [tor-relays] Hardware requirements for a fast Tor relay

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Since this is virtualization, make sure that features such as AES

acceleration are active.

Yes, I have tested that. Is active.

The number of cores is not really relevant since Tor is not

multi-threaded. The EPYC 7702 can boost up to 3.35 GHz, check that it

reaches that under load.

It actually reaches the frequency under load.

Unfortunately, the one core is now fully under load.

My Relay moved 5TB today, with an average bandwidth of 500Mbit.

The average load according to HTOP is now just over 1.0, which is fine for a dual core.

However, one core is loaded to 100%. So far, there are no error messages and I achieve a stable 40MB/s with peaks of up to 50MB/s.

But my Relay is only a few days old. Advertised Bandwith is currently at just over 30 MiB, but that will change soon.

I'm afraid the CPU won't do much more, but with 500Mbit/s I'm among the fastest Relays at this hoster. Directly on page 1.

Let's see if I can tune a bit, otherwise I'll just let it run as long as no errors appear.

Also since you have 2 cores, you can run two instances of Tor.

Yes, I know. However, the DirAuths then have more work to do because they have to add another Relay to the Consensus.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Let's see what I do.

I chose this server because the bandwith is unmetered and it's a

guaranteed 1GHz link.

I assume you mean 1 Gbit/s.

Yes, that was a typo.

By the way, can someone explain to me how to reply directly to a reply in a thread without my reply just appearing at the bottom?

I'm new to this list and haven't quite figured it out yet. I hope you understand what I mean - I want my replies to be indented correctly. Thanks!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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