Re: [tor-relays] Hardware requirements for a fast Tor relay

I’m sorry that I now spam the mailing list, but I made a mistake.
I’m of course NOT logging at debug level, it’s just one logfile (notices.log). I logged debug when I was running the relay on the VPS because I wanted to know why it crashed all the time, but all that happened was that my 20TB SSD was maxed out within two hours and I had to reboot to get rid of the old logfiles.
My bad, please don’t think I write a debug log, that’s completely pointless. Why would I. I rented a pretty expensive root server because I think Tor is really important and I want to relay as much traffic as possible, not to log debug messages.
This was obviously not correct, but the rest of my torrc looks as described above.
By the way, my relay has now around 4000 incoming and 4000 outgoing connections and a throughput of almost 1TB/day, and the load averages are still below .40. Everything looks good. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day, everyone!