Re: [tor-relays] Directory authorities not giving weight to a relay


MDCLOUD LTD (AS203394) does not exist on the Good Bad ISPs list.

But it's the only one so far in AS203394 and runs with FreeBSD, both of which
are great. I think your relay runs in Ukraine.

addition, the contact information provided in the `torrc` does not match
the email address you used to participate in the `tor-relays` mailing list.

The email address in the relay list is completely irrelevant. Mine is also
different on the list, the relays and in the forum.

> Almost three months ago I have set up my first node. Everything seemed to
> be going great at first and as documented in the tor lifecycle blog post.
> A few days after being set up the weight drastically dropped to around
> twenty. This seemed a bit odd since that same blog post doesn't mention
> anything about weight dropping so much, but it does about bandwidth, ao I
> just shrugged it off and assumed it was normal.

Consensus weight is based on bandwidth observed by the relay and bandwidth
measured by the directory & bw authorities.
Your observed bandwidth is currently ~500 KiB/s, which is very little
especially for a relay in the data center.
If you do not have truly unlimited bandwidth from your provider, your
bandwidth may be throttled. Or in a KVM|Cloud, the node is oversold.

> Anyway, fast forward to today, and the weight hasn't really gotten above
> two hundred, it has been a month and a half I think since the weight
> drop, and it has been stale at a weight of between one hundred eighty and
> two hundred.

> I can't put my finger on what is exactly the problem, the relay currently
> has six flags: Fast, HSDir, Running, Stable, V2Dir and Valid. Shortly
> after the drop I have even seen the Guard flag for like a day. The server
> has capacity and is dedicated solely to being a relay, and the ISP is in
> the good providers list.

I would first look at the provider's ToS. It often says something about fair
usage policies vs. unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Sometimes only
inbound or outbound is unlimited.
Then I would install vnstatd or nload and measure the traffic for one to two
months. It could be that the bw auths are not measuring properly at the moment
because they are under DDoS.


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