Re: [tor-relays] Declining Relay Usage


In general it isn't possible to arbitrarily request more traffic; it's bad if an adversary can easily spin up many new relays and get as much traffic as they want directed their way, for example. It's normal for relays with low uptime to get less traffic. If you aren't seeing CPU usage hit 100% of a single core that is not necessarily a problem. Extra capacity is useful for providing lower-latency circuits. If you want more traffic, you might just need to be patient and let your relay run without interruption.



On 12/17/23 21:16, likogan via tor-relays wrote:

My exit relay has seen steadily decreasing traffic from 8MBps to 6MBps
over the span of three weeks. It averages a load of ~50% CPU usage and
~65% RAM usage. It's rated network capacity is 17Mbps on a 10GB link.
Why would traffic decrease if I have plenty of spare resources? Are
there ways I can configure my server to boost traffic?

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