Re: [tor-relays] Comcast blocks ALL traffic with tor relays

I'm a reluctant Comcast Business user. Here's my experience (briefly, as I'm typing with a newly-fractured wrist):

Though during install I asked for "just pipes" with none of the extra services they offer, instead they silently signed me up for their "Security Edge" service. Many things broke. I finally discovered that they were intercepting all outbound UCP and TCP traffic to port 53 and re-directing it to their own, badly-broken DNS resolver which seems to be pretty arbitrary about what it blocks. When I contacted them, they said it couldn't be removed but gave me instructions for turning it off, but the switch to do so on their web site was disabled (grey and not responsive to clicking, using multiple browsers and platforms). After over TWENTY HOURS on chat, they finally disabled it from their end. I had pointed out that it was a direct and blatant violation of California's net neutrality law. Life was good for about a week, then it came back on. I think I next posted a complaint on Reddit (which seems to get more attention than contacting customer service directly) and they, again, turned it
off. Around a year later, they started MITMing all my DNS queries again, wreaking havoc on my business. I, again, poked around their web site, and I found that the switch to disable blocking is now enabled (though hard to find) and for a couple of months now things have been okay.

None of my difficulties were directly related to Tor, even though I run a relay on one of my IP addresses. However, the variable and arbitrary nature of the blocks they implemented make it seem likely that they could be blocking Tor relays some of the time.


On Jun 11, 2023, at 04:46, xmrk2 via tor-relays <> wrote:

I believe Comcast blocks all traffic between its customers and public tor relay nodes

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