Re: [tor-relays] Comcast blocks ALL traffic with tor relays

Background: I am running a lightning node, lightning is a layer 2 protocol
to scale Bitcoin. Lightning nodes need to be connected to each other
ideally 24/7. I was contacted by the operator of another Lightning node,
complaining that he cannot connect to my node. He is Comcast customer, I am
not. I was also running a tor relay on the same public IPv4 address.

Any ideas on how to combat this?

It might help to configure Lightning node as a hidden service.
I offer my Monero and Bitcoin RPC & P2P ports as a hidden service.

And have additionally SocksPort flag 'OnionTrafficOnly' on the client and hidden
service side.
SocksPort 9050 OnionTrafficOnly
# Tell the tor client to only connect to .onion addresses in response to
SOCKS5 requests on this connection.
# This is equivalent to NoDNSRequest, NoIPv4Traffic, NoIPv6Traffic.

I was thinking about including some false positives in tor relay list.

I wouldn't do that. I think you'll end up on the bad-relay list in no time.
I would rather write to the Comcast network admins first. Give them good
examples. E.g. in Germany the ISP's support Tor (NetCologne, Deutsche Telekom,

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