Re: [tor-relays] Bridge with iat-mode=2 very slow

I don't know what's a typical bandwidth range to expect, but it's
expected that iat-mode=2 is much slower than normal. Use iat-mode=1 for
less aggressive traffic shaping.

Some old visualizations of iat-mode's effect on packet sizes and timing:


On Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 02:22:06PM +0000, Split via tor-relays wrote:

I run the obfs4 bridge, in the parameters I specify to use iat-modr=2. As a
result, the bridge is VERY, VERY SLOW. Connection speed is on average 100 kb/
sec. When I remove the iat-mode=2 parameter, the speed becomes 8-10 times

I checked the processor load, it is at 3%, the problem is unlikely to be with
the processor, the RAM load is at 20%. I can't figure out if this is expected
behavior or if the speed drop is too significant. Please tell me, is this the
normal maximum speed of the bridge with iat-mode=2 or can it be increased

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