Raspberry Pi 4B

I want to run a Tor Relay on a RaspberryPi 4B
Where can I get reliable information about the best way to do it.

And in technical terms it will be better
ISP Rooter - Switch - Tor Relay
ISP Rooter - Relay


In my opinion it only makes sense to run only one bridge on a Rasp Pi.

A relay requires a lot of CPU power, which it can hardly handle.
Since various DOS attacks have been running for months, more connections are dropped with such weak hardware than it can handle properly in the long run.

Some people may judge this differently.
But that’s my experience anyway.

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RaspberryPi is bad choice . As said from other user need a lot of cpu usage . you could use at least a I5 to do that.

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Assuming your ISP’s router is a fairly standard SoHo router that is handed over to most customers today, I would think the router has multiple ethernet ports for the LAN. In that case the router is already behaving like a switch. I would say it doesn’t matter at all whether you add a switch or not in the setup. If you router only have one WAN and one LAN port, then putting the relay on the LAN port will prohibit you from having other Ethernet devices on the network, which may not be what you want.

Good luck with your relay operation adventures!

I will follow your advice thanks!

Do you think this is a good tutorial or have another that you advice me?

And thank you all! :pray:

Thank you for the anwser.
My router has ports but because of “no wifi toys” I need more ports and I got the switch.
But my question is more in terms of privacy!
The normal router doesn’t have any privacy!
You could use pfSense,Pi-hole or another program/VPN installed on a device, between Rooter and the future relay.
There are many reputable youtubers but I can’t find anything about Tor relays.
But I don’t know if it will be necessary. :thinking: