Putting a proxy between the exit node and the website to access a website that blocks Tor

A news website that I frequently comment on started to block Tor users from commenting on their news articles, when I try to post my comment an error appears that says: “T1 - We are unable to receive your comment”.

To circumvent this I use a script Anonsurf that routes all system traffic through Tor and than I use a web browser with a “free VPN” extension to post comments on that news website.

I know that this is less anonymous than using Tor browser but am I correct to assume that it should still be more anonymous than using a single hop VPN or a proxy?

I think such configuration is good if done correctly:
Proxy/VPN does not know your IP.
Website does not know your IP and does not know that you are using Tor.

But it is easy to make mistake and connect to proxy/VPN directly.