Proxy Server refused connection

( I’m brand new to this website so I’m a little dumb :joy:)
I recently got Tor Browser and wanted to test it out.But when i did, at first i was checkin settings and just doing all that yo. When i finally started it up, i went to a website like something simple. Worked perfectly, though after a while i could only visit one website or mess with a few settings before being granted by the error 'Proxy server has refused connection ’ . I tried alot of the things i found and none worked. Can someone help?:grinning::+1:

(extra info: )
I use an OPPO A4 2020 ,
I do not have a proxy,
My wifi is perfectly fine,
I do not have any other devices

! I may respond late as i don’t check this website every day!

Hi, it seems you’re hitting this bug

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