Proton VPN uses Tor, but is it really secure?

Users use the Proton VPN service because it is a Swiss company and I guess according to Swiss law, the government does not have the right to access data (Maybe I’m wrong and this law is different) and the Proton VPN does not keep logs.

Switzerland enters a new era of data protection as the revised Federal Data Protection Act (revFADP) comes into force on September 1, 2023. The Swiss revFADP modernizes Swiss data protection law and essentially adapts the European GDPR standards with a “Swiss finish” in certain areas.

Assuming that the Swiss government does not have access to the data or does not have direct access to the data, then this company has servers in other countries and each of those countries have their own laws, then are users’ data still safe in those countries?

Any idea welcomed.

Thank you.

Please reach out to the Proton Support.

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Exactly what data are we talking about? I only use protonmail.

Read the cicumvention link in your thread “How to hide the nature of the Tor?”

Go to the article in Wikipedia and jump to the section Weaknesses. You can’t hide the initial contact to any IP since in geos through your ISP. SO I ask again: Exactly what data are we talking about?

As mentioned in the answer above, this is a good question for Proton Support as this concerns Proton’s Privacy Policy.