Proposal to revise the training resources page within the community portal

My goal is to suggest possible redesigns for the training resources page within the community portal.

Current issues:

  • no curation of content:
    • the page simply lists resources made by the Tor Project and community members;
    • no filter or order: resources in multiple languages and on multiple topics bundled together.
  • absent timestamps:
    • dates created;
    • date updated.

As well, some of the resources listed are in formats other than presentation decks, this includes: guides, zines, and long-reads. For example:

I worked on two design options, they don’t propose major changes as I’m still testing the waters!

Changes proposed by Option A :

  • Filter bar was added, which will allow the user to filter through training resources according to: language (e.g. Spanish, English), file format (e.g. PDF, ODP), resource maintainer (e.g. the Tor Project, the Guardian Project), and topic tag (e.g. Tails, Orbot, Tor network);
  • The frame around one resource is given full width (instead of having 3 resources per row) to increase readability and responsiveness;
  • Each resource has a sub-page in order to further detail to the user: the resource’s learning objectives, estimated delivery time for the training, fuller description, etc.

Changes proposed by Option B :

  • Same as above except that there’s a separation between training slides (e.g. All About Tor) and safety guides (e.g. Digital Safety Kit by CPJ);
  • In this suggestion, training slides would be hosted on a different page from safety guides as they cater to different audiences: training slides are mostly useful for trainers, and safety guides are mostly useful for individuals. These two audiences are - of course - not mutually exclusive.

Issue is being tracked here: [Training] Suggest possible training resources page revamps (#265) · Issues · The Tor Project / Web / community · GitLab


Just in case anyone’s watching this post, I’m consistently updating the ticket on GitLab :point_up: