Problème d'identifiants

Hello, can we load the credentials saved on Firefox into the Tor browser and how do we do it? Thank you. Jacques

Hi @Jacques! Tor Browser ships with a number of privacy patches on top of Firefox. I would highly recommend against importing your Firefox’s preferences to Tor Browser as your imported preferences can create a conflict with Tor Browser’s settings and potentially make the browser unusable and harm your privacy and anonymity.

Thank you for your answer, I understand the process but I was planning to use only Tor Browser without Firefox. Is this possible? My passwords are stored in Firefox and if I don’t transfer them to Tor how can I use them? I can’t remember them all!

Sorry, I am not sure whether I understood the question fully. But (1) Tor Browser is based on Firefox ESR so it basically is Firefox! and (2) if you meant you don’t want to use regular Firefox and use only Tor Browser you can easily do so! You don’t need to have Firefox installed to run Tor Browser.

Password saving functionality in the Tor Browser is disabled as part of our Disk Avoidance requirement but I can recommend using a dedicated password manager to store your passwords.

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