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my english is very bad, so i use google translate:
For the past few days, I have had a problem connecting to tor browser with my oppo phone. I struggle to connect and when I get there it quickly gives me a message telling me that the connection is refused by the proxy server, yet it seems to me that I am not using a proxy and I have no problem with connect to the internet via Google or Firefox.

What should I do ? How can you access without a problem to go to Google Chrome?

There are some suggestions in the Support section of the Tor Project website:

“Proxy server is refusing connection” error

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Hello, and thank you for the answer.

3 solutions do not work. and for the 4th solution (that of changing the port) my internet operator does not use a proxy and I am unable to make one.

@Saussouze93, sorry to jump in on the thread from Problème avec le proxy in english, on here. We have established that the issue you’re running into is not related to: Proxy Refused if link from other app opens Android TBB (#40536) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab.

Can you please check the next steps:

  1. Install Orbot on your device. Bootstrap into Tor (i.e. Tap on ‘Start’) > View your entire Tor logs (as seen in the screenshot) > You should be able to copy the text and please share it here. It would be of great help to debug the issue in hand.

  1. If you have a desktop computer (or any other device for that matter) please try installing Tor Browser on it and let us know if you can connect. Please ensure you’re on the same network as on this device you’re running into this issue on!

(cc @raya )


I have Tor Browser also installed on PC and no problems like with my android Browser —>>Tor Browser strange start behavior and sporadically Proxy refused message with .onion sites - #2 - Tor Browser for Android - Tor Project Forum

My older device with android 10 has also no problems with the Tor Browser.