PrivChat #6: Privacy is a Human Right

We’re excited to announce that PrivChat #6: Privacy is a Human Right, will take place this month!

Privacy is about protecting what makes us humans: our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities. Everyone deserves privacy. The United Nations even codified privacy as a human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. However, governments, corporations, and other powerful entities routinely block us from exercising our right to privacy through surveillance, monitoring, and tracking.

Activists, human rights defenders, minorities and people protesting for change are often the targets of this surveillance, and thus have a unique perspective on the critical importance of privacy and anonymity online.

In this edition of PrivChat, we’re bringing together a group of panelists with direct experience as activists or working with activist groups who will talk about their experiences with surveillance and privacy:

Join Ali Gharavi , Senior Programme Specialist, Swedish International Development Agency; Nadya Tolokonnika , artist, activist, and founding member of Pussy Riot; and Nicholas Merrill , founder and Executive Director, the Calyx Institute to discuss their experiences with surveillance and why fighting for privacy is a key part of ensuring human rights for all.

Cindy Cohn , Executive Director of EFF, will join us as our host and moderator.

When: December 15 @ 19:00 UTC (see in your timezone)

Where: The Tor Project’s YouTube page, (PrivChat #6 - Privacy is a human right - YouTube)

More information: Tor Project | PrivChat

Hope to see you there!


I’ve updated this event description to include a full description and updated panelists. Check it out – Pussy Riot is joining us!