Private obfs4 Bridge and MyFamily


I have set up a bridge just for me next to my exit nodes. To simplify my monitoring I would like to add it to MyFamily, as I use the search function of the metrics page for this.

I know you don’t do this with normal bridges. But would that be a problem if it’s a bridge exclusively used by me, like this one?

Hi, if you want to use the web interface, you can use a similar nickname or a prefix: coacx-bridge, coacx-exit.
And by a private bridge, do you mean you have set BridgeDistribution none?


Yes, that’s what I mean. Isn’t that the correct method?

It’s correct!

Dear Coacx,

Bridges don’t go into MyFamily, as they are supposed to be hidden from public view. That is why they don’t show an ip address in the metrics view. So please don’t add a MyFamily to them. Are your relay names wildly different so that you can’t grab them all in tor metrics with wildcards?