Post approval conditions

Sorry if this has been an answered question, but why do each of “my” posts need to be approved by a moderator? Some kind of account reputation level? I am clearly not a spammer. :slight_smile:

Thank you


There is already consideration about this topic:


From the latest comment in the Gitlab issue it seems that posts by the “members” class will get auto-approved. I’m apparently in that class but a mod still needs to approve all my posts. I became a member in February, apparently before this new rule came into effect. Maybe it’s a bug?

@purplish, yes, it’s an issue for existing accounts and staged accounts (the ones created by the mailing list mirror). The ticket is not resolved yet and we are looking into this.


From Evaluate the Discourse trust level to remove trusted contributors from the moderation queue (2022 Q1) (#40060) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Support · GitLab

Update: Users at Trust Level 2 (Member) or higher are not subject to the moderation queue anymore.

Obviously I’m not at that level yet, all posts are moderated.

If you take a look at your own user profile, you will notice that your current trust level is basic user.

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The need for approval before delivering a message is called moderation This avoids the anarchy of all good forums around the world. :wink: Exchange Online
require approval of messages that meet criteria a message waiting for approval is temporarily stored in mailbox system called auss mailbox arbitrage
= Approve
= Reject or Delete

Not doubting the need for moderation just some of the strict conditions when I clearly demonstrated this account is not spammer :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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