Please upgrade to new Tor release or ASAP!

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Anyone any idea if/when the official Debian packages (backports) will be available?

sorry, I am new to this part of TOR, what is difference between and, and if my settings are fixed to upgrade automatically, would it not have happened, when I notice small blue dot in settings menu,I then upgrade normally, anyone please let me know difference thanks James

This update doesn’t concern Tor Browser users. This is about tor (the network daemon) aka little-t-tor. If you’re using Tor Browser, you don’t need to do anything.

Debian packages have just been released.

Nov 05 21:56:56 Tor tor[207]: Nov 05 21:56:56.000 [notice] This version of Tor ( is newer than any recommended version, according to the directory authorities. Recommended versions are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the Relay Search, my relay now shows two Additional Flags:

Not Recommended Experimental

Is this because the directory authorities are not aware of the new version yet?

Yes, but only Debian packages from the Tor-repo.
When will the tor packages from Debian-repo be released?

Seems to be a huge amount: Relay Search

Yes, it always happens if you update node fast enough.

Tor packages in the stable Debian repo are always outdated. That’s why the Tor project maintains its own repository.

If you want to use the Debian repositories, go for Debian Unstable.

Info: Bookworm Tunnel Tester, relay updated → done.

Preparing to unpack .../tor-geoipdb_0.4.8.8-1~d12.bookworm+1_all.deb ...
Unpacking tor-geoipdb ( over ( ...
Preparing to unpack .../tor_0.4.8.8-1~d12.bookworm+1_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking tor ( over ( ...
Setting up tor ( ...
Setting up tor-geoipdb ( ...

Edit: My a new tunnel flying really great :heart: