Please update Good-Bad ISPs list I verified new Tor Exit friendly host in Czechia!

Hey everyone!

I found new Tor Exit friendly provider in Europe Czech Republic Finaltek

I opened a support ticket and they replied this [Translated from Czech]

Good day,
In general, we do not have a problem with it (see Tor exit nody what is already running here). We prefer to operate these only on dedicated servers (from the EDS range above), with the fact that you must have a notification web page deprive us of our responsibility. See. eg or
All Abuse reports are forwarded to service operators (you). If you do not break the law and have paid, the service will remain running. So far, it has not happened that we have to shut down the service on the basis of Abuse.
Sincerely / Best Regards, & ISP
Technical Support / Technical Department
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SUBJECT: handling complaints to IP addresses of customers
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They are referring they reccomend to run this on their “EDS”
[From their website]
cheapest EDS:
Price from CZK 451,- per month! [$19.82]

Please consider upgrading this list: Tor Project | Good Bad ISPs

Currently in Czechia is a single ISP that doesn’t allow TOR Exits.
This company seems like they are reliable host for TOR Exits in this country!

UPDATE I asked support about INTERNET connectivity of mentioned EDS-25 that’s suitable for running a TOR Exit.

Good day,

I have a question about your EDS-25 product.

  1. How Fast Internet Connection [Bandwidth] has this server default
    In Mbity per second?
    All reserved servers have one RJ-45 metalic Gigabit Ethernet port 10/100/1000Mbps FDX. Connectivity is aggregated if it needs max 1:12. Increasing connectivity (at an additional cost is possible at 2.5/5 / 10Gbps).

  2. Is this connection speed somehow limited to the evening is used 100%
    its capacities for a long period of time [nonstop]?
    95% is calculated if connectivity is used in a non -standard way, where 100% use of the line over 100% of the time belongs to automatic restrictions to prevent other customers to be restricted.

  3. Is there any data transfer limit how much EDS-25 can transfer per month
    [one billing period]?
    No, we do not limit the transferred data, neither abroad nor CZ/SK NIX.

Sincerely / Best Regards
Finaltek. com, & ISP
Technical Support / Technical Department

Ticket ID: #204302
SUBJECT: Question- Internet connectivity of EDS-25
Status: Answered
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