Please stop blaming the computer's clock for expired certificates

This is annoying in Firefox and twice as annoying in Tor Browser, because if we’re connected to Tor, the computer’s clock can’t be substantially off.

(Inspired by the Tails people forgetting to renew their certificate again.)

Thanks @3DbPNuRHhpW, I think it’s related to this issue:

However maybe if I invoke @PieroV he may be able to provide more detail :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think that is substantially the cause, but some remote settings + synchronization might be involved, too (hopefully we’ve disabled all of them, but they’re sneaky, and we might have missed some).

Fixing the script to create a build date is removing a possible root cause (I’ve just written a suggestion on how we could solve “multiple TBB versions with the same Firefox commit” problem).
However, if we still think we absolutely don’t want that error page, we can simply change Firefox’s logic/texts (but that becomes a UX question, so back to you Donuts :smile:).


In that case, I’ll meet you on gitlab!

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