Please help! :{{{{{{{{ My TOR Exits are under DDoS attack!

This morning I randomly logged into two of my TOR Exit SSH servers and nyx couldn’t even start took like 2 minutes to load into nyx.
Then i found out CPU usage is over 100% there is barely 20 Mbps Download but 200 Mbps upload!!!
Please ignore my vulgar nickname I’m sorry for that tho… But i need to help with this someone is using my relay for DDoS attack!
Edit: I upgraded two specified realys to And issue seem to be fixed on my side [It may because relays lost all flags after restart and DDoS attack still goes through other relays!! Watch out}

What makes you think it’s a ddos? Could just as well be genuine load. Depending on hardware and used bandwidth, it’s not rare to be >95% cpu continuously. Some of my nodes are in this state. You should monitor the server using e.g. netdata to reliably detect such attacks. I have seen attacks happen which I had to mitigate (while back, not recently), but the only reason I saw them in the first place was broad spectrum health checking.