Pixel Tracking, Protection from ...

Just received a postcard to verify my Settlement Class Membership in a class action against my healthcare provider. It seems they used Meta Pixel extensively for Web analytics and (inadvertently allegedly potentially) disclosed private medical info to Facebook in violation of Federal law. The practice is widespread in healthcare as it is with commercial Websites in general. Last year, as many as 1/3 of healthcare Websites linked in the tracking pixel script from Meta, and it is believed that individual commercial Web pages now link in an average of 13 or 14 such trackers from a variety of Big Media, content devilry, and Web analytics firms.


Without delving into the advisability of using pixel trackers on healthcare Websites, I’m just wondering how much protection the combination of The Tor Browser with NoScript offers to patients against pixel tracking by third parties — particularly those from the largest, un-evil, respected domestic companies that may be whitelisted — not those cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party — and, of course, provided you can get the hospital’s content devilry provider to serve Web pages to the TOR network to begin with.