Outreachy introduction - December 2022 internships

Hi all, my name is Orji Cecilia and I am a prospective intern for contribution to the project from Outreachy.

I already sent a request for Gitlab account approval. Please I will be needing the moderators help as I navigate my way and most especially my mentor “Meskio”. Thank you.

I have seen an issue I will like to contribute to.

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Hello :wave:, welcome to Tor!

Your account should be approved now and you should have login instructions delivered to your registered email. Let me know if that’s not the case. Cheers!

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Thank you championquizzer,

I have been able to login successfully.


Please can I get someone to help me with setting up the repo. I have cloned it already but when I run the command in the Readme file it does not run.

hi mentor @meskio, I need your help.


Hi everyone,
I am Haleema Khan, an outreachy applicant and currently I am working to contribute to the “Disk leaks” project.
Really excited to be a part of the community!

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