Our server has not managed to confirm reachability for its ORPort(s)


like this but on my node the port is 433

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@realamnaak, your IP:Port must be externally reachable. Please find a website that can test if the IP is reachable (search for ‘online tcp test’). If the IP is not reachable, you need to open and redirect the port in your modem/router.

Sorry, i missed that. Ofc you have to forward the port that is used by tor.

I really hope you are hosting this in some sort of cloud server and not from home. Otherwise please stop exposing RDP to the outside, use a VPN instead. You have quite a few open ports and I wonder if it has to do with UPnP, you should have none unless required. If it’s the worst case scenario, you are risking quite a bit and you may find out the hard way sooner or later.

Great, mark @jarl’s post as a solution.

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