Orbot - Onion services on mobile device

Generally speaking if I use orbot on android to host a hidden service. How do I enable service client authorization on this mobile hidden service?

I can create the hidden service on the app just fine but I can not seem to enable this hidden gem of a feature.

hi @joedoe47 in what orbot version are you?
on 16.4.1-RC-2-tor. I see the authorization on:

Menu -> Onion Services v3 Onion Service Client Authorization +

Hope this can be useful



I’m on 16.4-1-RC-2

I’ve seen that menu. That menu if I am not mistaken is how to connect from my orbot into a hidden service that is running client authorization.

However what I am trying to accomplish is to create a hidden service in orbot that has client authorization so that others can connect into my phone.

Is there some way to create client authorization keys from that menu for the hidden service that I am running off my phone?

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You should check with The Guardian Project people, who is developing Orbot at the moment. I’ve found this open issue: Feature Request: Add 'client authorization' option for v3 onion service. · Issue #265 · guardianproject/orbot · GitHub


Okay thanks Gus. I will follow that thread and see if I can’t be some kind of nuisance on that ticket.