Orbot on iPadOS

Hi all,

Since recently (about 1 week or so) Orbot on iPad (mini-4 in tbis case) started to play up.
This was even before the update to the latest iOS 15.8 (must have been 15.7 then…) and latest Orbot update:

Orbot starts, claims the WiFi connection then tries to connect but only connects up to 50% and would not get any complete channels.
It usually ends in “Bootstrapped 0%
(starting): Starting”

In other forums people have put this down to a new 50MB memory limitation by the lates iOS.
However, this issue hasn’t changed with the latest upate to iPadOS 15.8.

There isn’t much that I could try apart from clearing the cache- which made it connect for less than a minute and then go back into the loop of “starting…”.

Has anyone else expeericend this and maybe found a solution?